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Kickboxing Training of Richmond BC Muay Thai Kickboxing of Richmond BC



5 benefits of doing kickboxing at richmond martial arts

Kickboxing of Richmond BC

5 Benefits of doing Kickboxing

Richmond BC

#1 Burn Fat

Combining high energy striking techniques with a cardio warm up can help burn up to 750 calories in 1 hour.


#2 Toning

By striking on targets instead of in the air you'll gain resistance which will help tone your whole body.


#3 Self Defense

If ever needed while getting in great shape, you will also be learning valuable self defense techniques.


#4 Less stress

When you are in a class,the last thing you will be worrying about is what happened earlier that day, by end of class you will be less stressed about your day.


#5 Confident

After a few classes you'll start to build confidence, not just in how you look but also in your self defense skills.


Richmond Martial Arts offers cardio and muay thai classes 4 times per week. Visit us online to register for a trial program.